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turned scrap

I am learning how to use a small wood lathe, one that can handle small bowls, plates, boxes, pens, chair legs, pepper grinders, candle holders, etc.

I’ve made only a few things that I am courageous enough to actually show, and only to my wife at that. This is Mimi’s ear ring holder. That’s supposed to be an angel on top.

My signal to noise ratio, so far, is extremely low. The noise part has accumulated into a pile of … turnoids. :-)

On a few of these scraps I have gone so far as finishing one side of them with sanding/polish. I call that Fine Art Turnoids.

new furnace

After spending two days in the house turning blue by 50F (+/-) degrees inside and subzero wind chill outside, I finally called the guy who came and installed a brand new boiler and, this morning, the house is human-friendly again. I still had to sleep with socks and four thick blankets in order to keep from shivering.

This is the fan/blower unit that blows hot air into our garage (read my workshop):

As of 1 this afternoon, the garage and house feel totally comfortable again!